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Service Level Agreement




January 2023


1.1 Introduction

This document outlines the service level agreement for tenants subscribed to by CorrIT

1.2 Master Service Level Agreement

This document contains the Service Level Agreement for Please read it carefully as this is the official agreement in force at the present time. The agreement listed below supersedes any other written document you may have prior to today’s date. Exhibits to this agreement are also available highlighting additional terms. If you have questions or comments about this agreement,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.3 SLA Objective

This SLA shall apply to all Subscription Services provided by CorrIT expressly as an addendum to the Terms Of Service (“TOS”) for each customer/ client/ tenant/ consumer/ domain/ administrator/ Authorised User/ user (“USER”). Providing the USER with consistent access to Subscription Services is a high priority for CorrIT and is the basis for its commitment in the form of this SLA. This SLA provides certain rights and remedies in the event that the USER experiences service interruption as a result of failure of CorrIT infrastructure. The overall service availability metric is 99%, measured on a monthly basis.

Term Definitions

For the purpose of this Service Level Agreement, the terms in bold are defined as follows:

Available or Availability

When the USER who’s account is active and enabled has reasonable access to the Subscription Service, subject to the exclusions defined in Downtime Minutes below.

Total Monthly Minutes

The number of days in the month multiplied by 1,440 minutes per day.

Maintenance Time

The time period during which the Subscription Services may not be Available each month so that CorrIT can perform routine maintenance to maximize performance, is on an as-needed basis.


The total number of minutes that the USER cannot access the Subscription Services. The calculation of Downtime Minutes excludes time that the USER is unable to access the Subscription Services due to any of the following:

(a) Maintenance Time

(b) USER’s own Internet service provider

(c) Force Majeure event

(d) Any systemic Internet failures

(e) Enhanced Services

(f) Any failure in the USER’s own hardware, software or Network connection

(g) USER’s bandwidth restrictions

(h) USER’s acts or omissions

(i) Anything outside of the direct control of CorrIT


The AWS cloud hosted network on which the Subscription Services reside.

Problem Response Time

The time period after CorrIT’s confirmation of the Subscription Service event, from receipt of the information required from the USER for the CorrIT Support Team to begin resolution and open a trouble ticket in CorrIT support systems. Due to the wide diversity of problems that can occur, and the methods required to resolve them, problem response time IS NOT defined as the time between
the receipt of a ticket and problem resolution. After receiving a report of fault, CorrIT shall use a reasonable method to provide USER with a progress update.

Maintenance Notices

CorrIT will communicate the date and time that CorrIT intends to make the Subscription Services un-Available via the page accessible via SPORIFY Support menu at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance (or longer if practical). The USER understands and agrees that there may be instances where CorrIT needs to interrupt the Subscription Services without notice in order to protect the integrity of the Subscription Services due to security issues, virus attacks, spam issues or other unforeseen circumstances. Below are the Maintenance Windows and their definitions:

Emergency Maintenance

These change controls happen immediately with little notification ahead of time; however, we will post the information to our status page soon after or during the change.

Preventative Maintenance

These change controls are when we detect an item in the environment that we need to take action on, to avoid emergency change controls in the future. These change controls, if possible, will usually occur in low peak hours with peak being defined by our network metrics.

Scheduled Maintenance

These are change control’s being done to:

  • Support on-going product and operational projects to ensure optimal performance

  • Deploy non-critical service packs or patches.

  • Periodic redundancy testing.

Scheduled maintenance takes place during our maintenance window. Where possible planned scheduled maintenance will be posted 5-days prior, however, certain circumstances may preclude us from doing so, such as an external vendor issuing a change control to, e.g. the power company alerting us to perform power testing 48 hours ahead of time. It is possible that during this maintenance period that services are temporarily completely or partially out of use and is therefore not available to the customer.

  • A scheduled maintenance message will contain the following information:

  • timeframe in which scheduled maintenance will take place

  • expected duration of scheduled maintenance

  • the services on which scheduled maintenance will be of influence

Scheduled maintenance is excluded from the availability calculations unless the period for the scheduled maintenance window is exceeded and the service is therefore not available to the customer.
Maintenance Window as defined in this SLA


Time frame

Maintenance Window

Saturday 12:00pm until Sunday 12:00pm Irish Time (GMT/IST)

USER Responsibility

Minimum Requirements
The required configurations USER must have to access the Subscription Services include:

  • Internet connection with adequate bandwidth

  • Internet Browser Requirements

SPORIFY makes use of modern web technology, to experience the system at its best we recommend a modern web browser listed below.


Supported Version







Internet Explorer*

11.70 +

*Internet Explorer is coming towards its product end of life and therefore is not officially supported by SPORIFY. In order to maintain a secure and functional system we cannot consider Internet Explorer a supported browser. SPORIFY does not recommended using Internet Explorer due to the aging technology used in the browser causing multiple limitations and possible compatibility issues with the Angular framework and modern technology used in SPORIFY.

Administration Module

The Administration Module is provided to all tenants subscribed to Subscription Services at, therefore the tenant must nominate a minimum of one USER to manage their own account and services. The administrator USER nominated by the tenant should use discretion when granting administrative privileges to the Administration Module. For liability purposes The Support Team is not permitted to access nor perform tasks via the tenants Administration Module. is not responsible for downtime related to negligence in the Administration Module. An example of negligence is service unavailability caused by removing modules from User roles which created and set in the Administration Module. Another negligence example is Data or User accounts disabled/deleted in error. Please note that in the case of negligence may/may not have the ability to restore data as data restoration is reserved for disaster recovery purposes. If data is lost due to negligence and it is determined that the data or a fraction of the data can be restored, Additional Support Fees may be applied as stated in the Backup and Restoration Policy.
Service Levels

Term of the Service Level Agreement
This Service Level Agreement shall only become applicable to the Subscription Services upon the later of (a) completion of the “stabilization period,” as such term is defined in the Statement of Work (if any), or (b) ninety (90) days from the provisioning of Subscription Services.


CorrIT uses a proprietary system to measure whether the Subscription Services are Available and the USER agrees that this system will be the sole basis for resolution of any dispute that may arise between the USER and CorrIT regarding this Service Level Agreement.
Availability is calculated based on the following formula:
A = (T – M – D) / (T – M) x 100%
A = Availability
T = Total Monthly Minutes
M = Scheduled Maintenance Time
D = Downtime

CorrIT agrees to provide Availability of >99% and where it fails to do so, CorrIT will discuss remedial measures with Customer. Where there are repeated failures to meet the Availability criteria within any 6-month period, at Customer request, CorrIT agrees to introduce Service Credits under the following criteria. These are not included as standard as they are rarely invoked and are an expensive administrative burden that would require an increase in the costs of the Services.


Credit Amount of Pro-Rata Monthly Fee for Affected Seats

> 97.9% but < 99%


96.9% but < 97.9%


< 96.9%


Problem Response Time

The following table contains expected service levels for Problem Response Time. Should there be repeated failure by CorrIT to meet the service level metric for Problem Response Time within any 6-month period, at Customer request, CorrIT agrees to introduce Service Credits under the following criteria: a Service Level Credit calculated per incident at a credit of 2% of the monthly invoice, up to a maximum Service Level Credit of €500, for the Subscription Service The response time per incident will vary upon the degrees defined below:

Service Level Objectives

Problem Response Time*



1 hour


4 hour


8 hour


24 hour

Severity Level



Unplanned interruption rendering the Services un-Available;
no work-around


Unplanned interruption rendering the Services un-Available;
work-around available


Services are un-Available for a single User or small
percentage of USER affected


Intermittent problem

*Problem Response Time for calls logged within defined Support Hours (section 2). All calls logged outside of defined support hours will be treated as reported on the next business day

Remedy and Procedure

Where the Customer has requested that Service Credits be invoked due to repeated failure by CorrIT to meet the Availability and Problem Response Times described above, the following shall apply:

The USER’s remedy and the procedure for obtaining the USER’s remedy in the event that CorrIT fails to meet the Service level metrics set forth above are as follows:

To qualify for remedy:

  1. Customer must have logged a support ticket documenting the event within 24 hours of the service interruption

  2. USER account must be in good standing with all invoices paid and up to date

The USER must notify CorrIT in writing within five (5) business days by opening a support ticket and providing the following details:

  • Subject of email must be: “Claim Notice – ‘Tennant ID’” (USER’s tenant name on must be listed in place of ‘Tenant ID’)

  • List the type of service that was affected

  • List the date and the Downtime Minutes occurred

  • List user(s) Display Name and E-mail address affected by Downtime Minutes

  • List an estimate of the amount of actual Downtime Minutes

  • Ticket number of the documented event

CorrIT will confirm the information provided in the Claim Notice within five (5) business days of receipt of the Claim Notice. If CorrIT cannot confirm the Downtime Minutes, then the USER and CorrIT agree to refer the matter to executives at each company for resolution. If CorrIT confirms that is out of compliance with this Service Level Agreement, the USER will receive the amount of Service Level Credits set forth above for the affected Service level metric for the affected month. The SLA credit will be reflected in the invoice to the USER in the year following CorrIT confirmation of the Downtime Minutes. Please note that SLA credits can only be applied to accounts that are in good standing with all invoices paid and up to date. No refunds will be provided.


2.1 Support Hours

CorrIT shall provide support in respect of SPORIFY to Authorised Users during the business hours (excluding public holidays) listed below. Details of how to contact support are listed in section 3.

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday, 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs (GMT – Dublin – Irish Time)

  • Public holidays:

  • New Year's Day (1 January)

  • St. Patrick's Day (17 March)

  • Easter Monday

  • First Monday in February, May, June, August

  • Last Monday in October

  • Christmas Day (25 December)

  • St. Stephen's Day (26 December)

2.2 Service Availability

SPORIFY is constantly monitored and web page is published with real-time service availability. This service monitor page can be used to inform users of service availability and also any upcoming planned maintenance periods. To view the status of the SPORIFY service browse to

CorrIT shall use commercially reasonable endeavours to make the Services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for:

  1. planned weekly maintenance carried out during the maintenance window of midday Saturday to midday Sunday of Irish time; and

  2. unscheduled maintenance performed outside Normal Business Hours, provided that CorrIT has issued a notice on its website status page, Twitter Account or other web address notified by CorrIT to the Customer. from time to time the Services may be available during the planned maintenance period under clause 3.2(a) and CorrIT will endeavour to notify the Customer should the Service be unavailable during that period, however CorrIT is under no obligation to notify the Customer in any case.

2.3 Online and email support

The SPORIFY web application has a dedicated support facility to allow Authorised User’s submit support requests to the CorrIT Support Portal. Authorised Users will receive and email response from the system with their support ticket ID, correspondence can continue via email or via the CorrIT support portal.

2.4 Available Features

Support Features


Access to Online Support


Online Training Webinar


Online Guidance Docs


Number of permitted Support Contacts within Customer


Number of Support Cases


General Technical Guidance



3.1 What is covered

CorrIT provides assistance on issues of an operational or administrative nature encountered during the use of the Subscription Services by Authorised Users. CorrIT will provide support services that Authorised User is eligible to receive under the chosen
Subscription level as set out in their Order Form. Additional Support outside of what is included in this standard SLA is available at at the rates specified in the Order Form.

3.2 What is not covered

The CorrIT Technical Support team does not provide support for:

  • Debugging custom code

  • Performance tuning of Authorised User’s applications or third-party products, unless contracted to do so under our professional services offering.

  • Training or consulting services unless contracted to do so under our Optional Servcies offering.

  • Any customizations, extensions or other modifications made to the Subscription Services unless agreed to by CorrIT in writing

  • Authorised User’s negligent use of the system resulting in data loss.

  • Authorised User’s machine errors

  • Authorised User’s failure to follow operating instructions

  • Authorised User’s use of the Subscription Servcies that is not in accordance with the TOS or the technical documentation issued with the Subscription Service

  • Any data or files not supplied by CorrIT as part of the Subscription Services

  • Any custom development, integration or implementation, project upgrades or project migrations unless contracted to do so in writing via our Optional Services offering.

  • More than 2 permitted support contacts within Customer.

  • First level support items which would properly be resolved by Customer’s permitted support contacts. CorrIT reserves the right to charge for first level support items which were more appropriately resolved internally within the Customer at the rates for Additional Support Fees.


4.1 Support Fees

Support fees will be paid in accordance with your licence tier as set out in the Order Form. Optional Services can be added on at any time by contacting your account manager. A schedule of services and fees are outlined in the Order Form.

Additional Support Fees are as specified in the Order Form.

4.2 Term and Termination

This SLA commences and terminates at the same time as the Subscription Services.

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