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Support Policy




January 2023

Introduction and Scope


Unless otherwise stated, this Maintenance and Support Policy for SPORIFY End Users applies only to maintenance and support for the SPORIY web application.


  1. “Defects” means defects in the distribution media or material differences between the operation of the Supported Product and the description of the operation of the Supported Product as provided in the technical documentation issued with the Supported Product.

  2. “End User” means (i) a party who has obtained one or more Supported Product(s) from CorrIT Ltd and (ii) is licensed to use the Supported Product(s) solely for its internal business operations and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the SaaS Agreement.

  3. “SaaS agreement” means (i) a written mutually-executed SaaS agreement between CorrIT Ltd and End User that governs End User’s use of the Supported Product.

  4. “Severity Levels” means the level assigned by CorrIT Ltd to categorise the type of request or Defect reported by End User to CorrIT Ltd to indicate the severity of an event applicable to the Supported Products.

  5. “Mature Phase” means a Minor Version or Major Version of a Supported Product that has been designated by CorrIT Ltd as being in the mature phase of its lifecycle in the then current CorrIT Ltd Product Life Cycle guide.

There are three levels of severity:

  1. “Severity 1” means that the reported Defect is that the production system is down.

  2. “Severity 2” means that the reported Defect is that there is a loss of service resulting in restricted operations.

  3. “Severity 3” means that the system is operative and the Defect concerns cosmetic issues or issues that are a matter of inconvenience.

Applicability of the SaaS Agreement.

All Support Products (including any Updates) along with any other products, documentation and media delivered to End User will be subject to the terms and conditions of the SaaS Agreement. Any inconsistency between this Support Policy for CorrIT Ltd End Users and the SaaS Agreement will be determined by giving precedence to the SaaS Agreement except where it is expressly stated otherwise.

Support Policy Updates or Discontinuance of Support Product.

This Support Policy for CorrIT Ltd End Users is subject to change at CorrIT Ltd’ discretion. Updated policy documents will be published from time to time on the Policies section of the SPORIFY website. In the event CorrIT Ltd revises or updates the Support Policy for End Users in a manner that would result in a significant reduction in the level of the support services provided for the Supported Products, or CorrIT Ltd discontinues support for one or more Supported Products for which End User has purchased support, then such changes will not apply during any then current annual Support Period purchased by End User (“Current Annual Maintenance Period”). Such changes will take effect at the start of the annual Support Period immediately following CorrIT Ltd’ release of the updated Support Policy (“Next Annual Maintenance Period”) or, in the case of discontinuation of support, at the expiration of the Current Annual Maintenance Period. Updates to the lifecycle status of any Supported Product will not be considered a policy change under this paragraph or a discontinuation of support.

Support Hours

Online Support

CorrIT Ltd shall provide support in respect of SPORIFY to authorised users during the business hours (excluding public holidays) listed below. Details of how to contact support are listed in section 3.

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 09:30hrs to 17:00hrs (GMT - Dublin)

Public Holidays:

  • New Years Day (1 January)

  • St. Patrick’s Day (17 March)

  • Easter Monday

  • First Monday in February, May, June, August

  • Last Monday in October

  • Christmas Day (25 December)

  • St. Stephen’s Day (26 December)

Methods of obtaining Technical Support

End User will receive the following during a Support Period: I. Online Support; II. Telephone Support;

Online & Email Support

  1. The SPORIFY web application has a dedicated support facility to allow End User’s submit support requests to the CorrIT Support Portal. End Users will receive and email response from the system with their support ticket ID, correspondence can continue via email or via the CorrIT support portal.

  2. Email support is provided via the email address

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available to Enterprise subscribers during the Support Hours stated below. If the End User requires Telephone support outside the Support Hours, the End User should still use the phone number applicable for the End User’s subscription; however, the call will be re-directed to a voice mailbox and will be responded to on the next business day. Telephone support is available in English from 9:00am-5:00pm local Irish time.

Service Availability

SPORIFY is constantly monitored and web page is published with real-time service availability. This service monitor page can be used to inform users of service availability and also any upcoming planned maintenance periods. To view the status of the SPORIFY service browse to .

Support Features

The following CorrIT Ltd support offering tables describe the entitlements, availability and services under the relevant support offering:

Available Features

Support Features



Access to Telephone Support


Access to Email Support



Access to Online Support



Online Training Webinar



Online Guidance Docs



Number of Support Contacts



Number of Support Cases



General Technical Guidance



Bi-annual consultative review and contextual guidance from a senior engineer based on your use-cases (2 hours)



Quarterly consultative review and guidance based on your applications and solutions with senior engineers. (2 hours)


Service Level Objectives

Service Level Objectives




2 hours

< 1 hour


1 business day

< 1 hour


2 business days

< 1 hour

What is covered and what is not covered

What is covered

CorrIT Ltd provides assistance on issues of an operational or administrative nature encountered during the use of the Supported Products by End User. CorrIT Ltd will provide support services that End User is eligible to receive under the chosen Subscription level as set out in their SaaS agreement.

What is not covered

The CorrIT Ltd Technical Support team does not provide support for: I. Debugging custom code II. Performance tuning of End User’s applications or third-party products, unless contracted to do so under our professional services offering. III. Training or consulting services unless contracted to do so under our professional services offering. IV. Any customizations, extensions or other modifications made to the Support Product(s) unless agreed to by CorrIT Ltd in writing V. End User’s Machine errors VI. End User’s failure to follow operating instructions VII. End User’s use of the Supported Product(s) that is not in accordance with the SaaS Agreement or the technical documentation issued with the Supported Product VIII. Any data or files not supplied by CorrIT Ltd as part of the Supported Product(s) IX. Any custom development, integration or implementation, project upgrades or project migrations unless contracted to do so in writing via our professional services offering.

Support Period and Support Fees

Support Fees

Support fees will be paid in accordance with your Subscription level as set out in the signed SaaS agreement. Optional professional services can be added on at any time by contacting your account manager. A schedule of services and fees are outlined in the SaaS agreement.

Term and Termination

The license term and termination procedure are outlined in the signed SaaS agreement.

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